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5 Most Common Reasons People Cheat

people cheatCommon Reasons People Cheat

Having an affair because they’re unhappy with the relationship

Some people are addicted to cheating on their partners, while others happen to cheat out of the blue. Some people cheat because they need a lot of validation, but I think that the most common reason people are cheating on their partners is because they are unhappy. If your relationship isn’t going as well as you thought it would be, you might start feeling bored and depressed. And so when you meet someone who makes you feel happy and excited, you end up sleeping with them. Having an affair because you’re unhappy in your relationship is a good reason to break up with your current partner. Instead of fooling around behind their back and potentially causing them heartache — break up with them. If you have cheated on your partner and don’t know how to tell them, read our guide on the subject.

Cheaters usually cheat when their sexual needs aren’t met

Some people want to have it all; they want a good looking partner who is nice, funny, smart, and good in bed. However, having all these characteristics is very unlikely, which is why some people end up cheating. The older we get, the less sexualy active we feel, which is only normal, but unfortunately this causes some people to end up cheating on their partners. If your sexual needs aren’t being met by your partner, it isn’t uncommon for someone to start looking for sex elsewhere. If you love your partner because they get and know you, but they keep telling you ‘not tonight’, it is usually only a matter of time before you go nuts.

Why do people have affairs when they’re insecure?

Insecure people are the most likely to cheat because they constantly need to be validated by others. If an insecure person is in a relationship and they feel as though their partner isn’t giving them enough attention, they might start seeking attention on social media or at work. This can lead them to talking to someone who wants to see them in person, which can ultimately cause them to cheat.

Cheating to end a relationship

In some cases, people end up cheating on their spouses or loved ones because they don’t know how else to get out of the relationship. If they have tried to break up with their partner before but haven’t been able to because they end up crying or saying that they can power through it, cheating might start looking like the easy way out. Since cheating is easier than making a new friend in Dubbo, a lot of people will just resort to this instead of breaking up properly.

Is being provoked a good enough reason for cheating?

Not everyone wants to cheat on their loved ones, but some just end up doing it because they couldn’t say no. If someone is obviously unhappy in their marriage and a stranger or co-worker starts flirting with them and making them feel special, the chances of getting them to cheat on their partners are very high. Being provoked into cheating isn’t a legit reason for committing adultery but it does happen all the time. If your partner admitted to cheating and wants to work things out, read our guide on how to find happiness after infidelity.

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How To Pick Up Women On Online Dating Sites

picking up womenHow To Pick Up Women

We know that dating in general is hard for every man, and online dating especially can come with a big learning curve for men who aren’t experienced in that sort of thing. That’s why we came up with a few tips on how to pick up women on online dating sites, and these will help beginners to immerse themselves in this wonderful new world!

How To Pick Up Hot Women On Online Dating Sites

There’s a different mind set that you have to inhabit when wondering about how to pick up hot women on online dating sites. The simple fact is that the game is completely changed on this forum compared to the real world. In traditional dating methods, you would approach a woman out of the blue completely, and she would either accept your advances, or reject them. The former would obviously be the best possible result, while the latter will leave you feeling dejected, unworthy, and embarrassed. The sad truth here is that the vast majority of men tend to get rejected way more often than accepted, which creates a sort of hesitation when it comes to approaching women in general.

Thankfully, because of the nature of online dating websites, there is never a risk of the same sense of rejection and embarrassment on online hookup platforms that there is in the real world. For this reason, users should incorporate an opposing mindset; instead of feeling hesitant to send out as many attempts at getting laid as possible, you should actually endeavor to send as many messages out as you can possibly type. The sheer mathematical reality of the situation is that the more messages you send out, the higher your chances will be of ultimately getting laid in the long run. Think about the sheet statistics, it’s simply undeniable. Also, if ever any of these women don’t accept your advances (which will probably happen quite often), all you’ll have to deal with is a virtual silence, and you can promptly move on to the next woman on your list. With online dating, rejection does not come with public humiliation, so you’re safe!

After you’ve sent out a bunch of messages to various women using these online dating platforms, then it’s time to actually chat with the ones who have replied to you. If you’re new to chatting with singles in your area, all you have to keep in mind is that you need to play the game quite similarly to the way you would play it in person. Be calm, cool and casual, and always remember to be yourself. Women can sniff out inauthenticity from a mile away, even if it’s a virtual mile. If you try to act like someone you’re not in order to impress her, you will probably experience the opposite effect. Make a virtual pen pal out of the woman that you have your eye on, and when you feel like the time is right, ask her out for a hot date in the town.

How To Charm Her On The First Date

Once you’re ready for your first date, it’s important to think about how you’re planning on charming your woman. Women don’t all have the same standards, after all, and some of them require a massive amount of effort on the man’s part in order to be charmed at all. Our advice is not to think about this too much, and just focus on the general rules of charming a woman. First off, it’s important to dress right in the occasion with the best, cleanest casual wear in your wardrobe. That will set a good impression when your woman first lays eyes on you in person, and the rest of your date will be smooth sailing from there. Next, you should always be a complete gentleman through every stage of your first date. Doing simple things like holding the door open for her when she gets in the car, or pouring some wine into her glass when it starts to get a little low, can greatly increase your date’s initial estimations of you. Of course, we all know that high estimations increase your chances of getting laid, so make sure she labels you as highly in her book as possible!

How To Get Laid — Make Your Move For A One Night Stand

At the end of the night, when the hour is late but you both still have a great reserve of energy, it’s time to make your move, and go in for the one night stand. Ask her back to your place for a little drink, and see where it goes from there. You know that you plan on doing much more than drinking, and so does she. You did meet her on an online hookup platform, after all, so you both know what the deal is. If she says no, once again, this is fine, because there are still dozens or hundreds more women just waiting for you when you get back to your computer. If she says yes, then it’s a full-out party from that point forward, and you just need to enjoy the rest of the night as it unfolds.

Cheating Advice

How to keep your woman after you cheated

keep your woman caughtKeep her after cheating

You got Caught Cheating! Now what?

You have two options available to you. The first option is to come up with some five star bullshit which will be addressed in the remainder of this article. The second option is to tell the truth. While the truth may be not be favorable it has two advantages. The first advantage is that it shows that you respect her enough not to lie. This goes a long way. You may have no meant to hurt her by cheating, but you did. So now it’s time to own that and make her understand that you still love her. That’s going to take time.

You Should Have Been Ready for Consequences After Cheating

There is going to at least be a short period afterward where she doesn’t want to talk to you, see you, or know that you’re alive. If the situation has been left unresolved, this is a good sign. Why? Because she hasn’t completely pulled the plug on your relationship yet. She’s talking to her friends and they’re telling her what a cheating douche bag you are. She’s saying that you’re really sweet, but yeah, you’re a douche bag, but you’re still pretty sweet and you had that time together and it was good. If she pulled the plug and told you to fuck off, then you still have some options.

Act like you’re super sad

That means no hooking up with other girls. It means being sad a lot, especially in front of other people. It means not going out when your friends ask you if you want to go out. It means in general moping around where everyone can see you. Eventually word will get back that you’re a complete mess and distraught, and she will swoop in to save you like the lost puppy you are. No one gets rid of their puppy just for shitting on their rug. Right? Well, it’s the same with you if you play your cards right.

Five Star Bullshit for keeping her after cheating

I cheated because I was scared because this relationship is so awesome I love you

Some variation of this is a great place to start: I’ve never felt this way before. I’m not sure what I want. I really really love you. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m scared of screwing this up. I know eventually you’re going to find someone better. I’m a stupid piece of shit. You can do better. I love you.

This is effective for two reasons. Firstly, it lets them know that this didn’t happen just because you found someone else you liked better. It also let’s them know that they’re the most special person ever to you. It appeals to their ego, and once again it plays up the lost puppy thing that girls really love. So you shit on her rug? You won’t shit on her rug forever. You don’t want to shit on her rug. You want to make sure you’re shitting in the right place all the time.

Girls want to feel like there life is a perfect story. This kind of drama is not a deal breaker because it gives them a narrative in which they can be a hero. They’re the girl that civilized the noble savage. Even though it’s a lot of crap, it still works.

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Spot Psychotic Women: Learn To Avoid Meeting Girls That Are Batshit Crazy!

psychotic womenSpot Psychotic Women

If ever there’s one thing our forefathers in Washington told us time and time again, it’s this: always avoid psychotic women. They’re simply not worth the hassle. The sad irony is that many of these psychos out there are actually insanely hot women, with not a hint of blatant craziness on them visually. They’re like the sirens in the old greek mythologies; serene and beautiful on the outside, but they’re really not operating with your best interests in mind. So many of our brothers, sons, and fathers fell under the trap of these crazy women time and time again, mesmerized by their complete beauty. Men who get pulled in by psychotic women can be finding themselves at a nice restaurant on their date, and without warning, the woman spills the pea soup onto the table and attempts to paint a painting of green rolling hills. Or they could be driving in the highway and the woman climbs onto the roof of the car and plays a mean air guitar solo while you speed on by. We sure have fallen into a psychotic woman’s web once or twice in our lives, and we’re determined not to let that happen to anyone else. Especially in the world of online dating websites, where adult hookup forums are such cool and pristine places, we don’t want any male users being tricked by a psychotic woman’s scheme. That’s why we wrote out a few tips on how to avoid psychotic women.

Avoid Psychotic Hot Girls On Free Online Hookups Websites

We know, it’s hard to spot a psychotic girl on free online hookup websites. It might actually be harder to spot them on this medium than it is in any other vehicle of communication out there. They don’t necessarily come labelled with psychotic tags on the website, after all. All we can do is simply go with our best intuition, and stay away from anything that seems too creepy, or too strangely good to be true. If you’re chatting with a woman and she says anything psychotic along the way, either formulate some sort of strike system in your mind, wherein you give her a couple psychotic free passes before being forced to move on, or you can move on to the next, hopefully completely sane woman on your list as soon as she says anything with a single hint of psychosis. It also helps to check out her profile before you even decide to send a message. If the woman seems really hot from her pictures, but she is saying a bunch of psychotic things in her profile description, then her physical attraction might not be worth getting entangled in a psychotic web.

Watch Out For Red Flags On The First Date

All that said, psychotic women can be cunning, and they might be able to hide their craziness through an online chat. If ever a psycho slips by your filter and lands herself on a first date with you, it’s important to keep your eyes peeled for any red flags that pop up along the way. While it’s relatively easy for a psycho to hide her crazy mind in an online chat, the longer you hang out with someone in person, the more likely they will start revealing her true colours. If you’re at at a club, and she clears everyone off the dance floor to perform a robo dance-off between herself and herself, o if you’re just strolling down a park on your date, and she gets on all fours and starts chasing after the dogs, trying to bite their tails, then you know that you’re hanging out with a true psycho, and it’s maybe best to just turn the other way and let her play with the dogs.

Crazy Women Aren’t Worth The One Night Stand

Maybe the psycho passed your filter and made it out on a real date with you. Actually, maybe you already know she’s a psychotic woman, and you’re not really paying attention to it because she’s so hot and you would leave to sleep with her. Well, all we can tell you is that psychos are definitely not worth having a one night stand with. The trouble that will inevitably occur either during or after the one night stand is simply not worth the potential pleasure. Picture that after you’re done with the sex, your hot crazy chick walks to the corner of your room and arranges a tea party with your soccer ball, desk lamp, and pillow? What will you do in that sort of situation? No, it’s definitely best to avoid it entirely, and sleep with a relatively sane woman.

Cheating Advice

Telling Your Partner That You Know They Cheated

you knowYou Know They Cheated

So they thought they could get away with having an affair

I started suspecting that my partner was having an affair when he began acting funny. When we first moved in together, it was common for him to finish work early and come home to surprise me, but now it’s almost as if he’s always working overtime. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, but when he started acting even more bizarre, I knew something was up. He started coming home late almost every night and immediately jumping in the shower. This was strange to me because he would usually always come into the bedroom and give me a kiss when he got home late. Another thing that was weird to me was that he didn’t invite me into the shower — which he always used to do. All these clues eventually lead me to believe that he was having an affair.

How you caught them cheating — explained

I knew that my boyfriend was cheating on me for sure the second that I did his laundry. I was emptying out his pockets because he usually has tissues in them when I found a receipt to a fancy restaurant in Sunderland. The date on the receipt was for two nights ago (when he was working late) and it was obvious that it had been a romantic dinner because a bottle of wine had been purchased. Now that I had proof that he was cheating, I needed to find a way that I could tell him, but I was afraid.

What to do about a cheater: Telling them you know

Before engaging in a relationship, you need to know what to do about a cheater, if you should ever be unlucky enough to date one. I knew from a friend that the best way to handle a cheater was to make them think that everything was normal and then pack up their things and wait for them to come home so that you could kick them out. Since cheaters might become violent when provoked, you should let a friend know what you are about to do and have them come over and hide in another room. Telling them you know about the cheating is scary, because it is a confrontation of some sort, but if you make it clear that they need to leave, they usually will.

Cheaters usually get caught

Cheaters usually get caught, and the ones that don’t were either dating someone who didn’t care enough to find out, someone who was cheating themselves, or someone who wasn’t too bright. It is very rare that a cheater will not get caught, so before cheating, get ready to deal with the consequences.

Telling them it’s over

When my boyfriend came home from home late the following day, he came home to me sitting in the couch waiting for him. He immediately looked nervous because he couldn’t hop into the shower right away and smelt like another woman. Once he saw that all of his things had been packed up, he sat down and asked me what was happening. I told him I knew he was cheating, that I would not forgive him, and that he had to go. He tried to argue with me for a while, saying I had no proof, but then I showed him the restaurant receipt, and he stopped talking.

Cheating Advice

Having a healthy relationship after an affair

healthy after affair fixinginsert the caption text here

When Cheating Rears its Ugly Head

When cheating rears its ugly head in a relationship, it may be a symptom of an underlying problem and not the problem itself. That’s why most marriages and relationships nowadays survive infidelity, because infidelity is no longer seen as a betrayal.

Cheating happens for a variety of reasons. Sometimes one of the parties is not ready for a serious long term relationship. Other times there may be an underlying psychological problem like sex addiction, or a propensity to self-sabotage. Often, when the latter happens, it happens out of fear screwing up the relationship. Ironically, people screw up relationships because they’re afraid to screw up relationships. It makes no sense to those who have to deal with cheating partners, but self-sabotage is a very real phenomenon and it happens frequently by folks who have unnaturally low opinions of themselves.

So a lot of times cheating is forgivable. If you’re dating someone who doesn’t have a lot of dating experience, then you should expect that they’re going to want to go out there and see what else life has to offer them. If you’re dating someone who has a propensity for self-sabotage, you can expect that if things get too serious they’re going to find a way to try and screw it up. If you love them, don’t let them.

Sometimes it happens that one partner in a relationship finds themselves in a monogamous relationship when they’re not really well suited for that kind of relationship. They would instead prefer to have multiple lovers or keep their options open and casual. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with this, but you have to ask yourself if that’s something that you want for yourself. If not then you should let them go be who they are and enjoy their life while you find a partner who fits your needs.

Infidelity and Your Relationship

If fidelity and monogamy are a big deal to you and they cheated you need to ask yourself if you can handle the fact that they might cheat again. If the reason they cheated wasn’t purely situational, like you guys had a huge fight and weren’t talking and they hooked up with someone else, or you had become emotionally distant, then you might want to consider the probability that they will cheat again.

Is it Possible to Have a Relationship After an Affair?

The better question is: is it possible for you to be ok with the relationship after the affair. If it feels like the relationship will never go back to the way it was and the whole thing is ruined forever, then you need to think about moving forward. Relationships are difficult because too frequently people don’t want the same things from them. When you find someone who wants the same things as you, you’ll be a lot happier.

Fixing the Relationship After Cheating

If the cheating is forgivable then you need to move forward honestly with your partner. That means you being honest about your needs and them being honest about theirs. If they cheated on you and that hurt you, then you don’t want to be in a position where you’re second guessing everything they say about where they were or what they did last night. If this is the case, your relationship may not be fixable.

Cheating Advice

5 Tips To Not Get Caught Cheating

hide cheatingHow To Hide Cheating

Need to hide your cheating?

Some people are just cheaters at heart, and cannot for the life of them commit to a monogamous relationship. If this is you, you should really try dating men and women who enjoy having open relationships. This way, no one gets hurt and you don’t need to sneak around on someone who loves you. If you’re dating someone you love but cannot stop cheating on them, you’re probably looking for some ways to hide your cheating, and although honesty is always recommended, some people just cannot find pleasure in an honest relationship and need some tips on how to keep their cheating a secret.

Every action has its consequence

When I was cheating on my partner, the last thing I wanted was for her to find out. But every once in awhile she would look at me suspiciously and I would think that she knew what was going on. What I learned while cheating is that every action has a consequence when playing the cheating game. First of all, if you come home late at night you need to have a good alibi and you need to be able to prove that you were actually where you say you were. If you slept with someone else, be prepared to smell like someone else, and for this reason alone it is important to never go home directly after cheating. If you told her that you were going to see the guys in Chicago, actually go see them, just go cheat on her before. So if your girlfriend is suspicious and doesn’t believe that you were with your friends, show her some pictures of your night.

Get prepared to live a lie

Being a cheater means being a liar, so if you’re going to go down this path, you need to be ready to start living a lie. What I mean by this is that you’re going to have to have such an amazing memory in order to pull off cheating. If you told your girlfriend that you were working late last week, and then you slip up and say you were with your friends or at a meeting, she is going to start getting suspicious. Find out about common cheating signs to know how to avoid them.

Hiding your nymphomaniac tendencies

A lot of cheaters are actually just nymphomaniacs but don’t know it yet. If your sex drive is off the charts and you feel the need to sleep with every attractive person you see, you might need some help. A lot of women know that their boyfriends are cheating because they stop acting horny. But if you’re always horny and this is why you’re cheating, you might have some nymphomaniac tendencies.

Don’t be greedy, be discreet

The most important rule to dating while cheating is to never get greedy. A lot of people end up getting caught for stealing or robbery because they get money-hungry and keep hitting up the same stores in their area. To be successful at cheating, you should stop being greedy and start being discreet. You don’t need to cheat on your girlfriend every day, week, or month. In fact, if you do it moderately she might never even find out. If you start getting greedy and ‘working late’ every night, it’s only a matter of time before she gets suspicious, shows up at your work, and finds out you’re not really there.

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How To Use Real Hookup Sites To Get Laid With Hot Singles In Your Area

approaching a guyUse Hookup Sites To Get Laid

Being single and seeing all your friends in the area getting into new relationships or finding sexy hookups can get very stressful after a while. The single life is tough, after all, and it’s easy to get into the loop of just watching things pass you by without acting upon the things you want. Approaching women to see if they want to be your sexual companion can be a tough thing to do, because there are so many invisible factors at play. First off, it’s hard to even make eye contact with women who keep looking down at their phones. In this day and age, there seems to be more people walking around town with their heads pointed downwards at their screens. No one seems to be looking up anymore, and there is certainly a shortage of women who are looking at you. Well, the irony of this situation is that these sexy ladies you pass by on the street with their heads pointed down at their phones might very well be looking for someone just like you using an online hookup forum. By spending some time on an adult dating platform, more and more single people all over the world are realizing that they can use the power of the internet to get them the one night stands that they’re truly after. Are you sick of the nervousness and fear of rejection that follows you around your offline dating attempts? Well then it’s time to jump on the virtual train, and find yourself some casual sex partners!

Choose Real Hookup Sites

The rule of thumb when it comes to online dating is to choose the real hookup sites, and avoid the scam zones. As unfortunate as it may be, there is a vast amount of illegitimate adult dating platforms out there that offer absolutely nothing but fake accounts. These horrible sites have given a bad reputation for all adult dating sites out there. However, we’re also happy to inform you that there are certainly adult dating sites that are greatly moderated, and all you can find on them are beautiful single women living in your area. Choose the best online hookup forums, and you’ll be well on your way to your next one night stand.

Send As Many Dating Messages As You Can

Once you make an account on your hookup forum, it’s time to stretch your fingers and type up as many dating messages as you can to the sexy single that you find on the site. This is a statistics game, after all; the more messages you send out, the higher your eventual chances are of getting laid. Really, there’s no reason to hesitate when it comes to sending messages out on an online hookup platform. It’s understandable to hesitate when approaching a woman in the offline world, because a risk of rejection follows you wherever you go. However, in the virtual hallways of the internet, you are making your dating attempts all from the comfort and privacy of your home computer setup, so the worst a woman can really do on the website is just ignore your message, and this doesn’t hurt you at all. If half of the women ignore you, and half actually start getting in conversations with you, then you definitely have a great chance of filling your week up with hot first dates.

Impress Her In An Online Chat

Flirting is a game, and it’s played online just as often as it is in the real world. Step your text game up and impress her in an online chat. It’s easy to stand out favorably among the creepy masses of un-clever men who tend to message women on these sites the most. Just be a cool, casual gentleman, and make sure that she has fun while she’s texting you. Once you have become sufficiently comfortable with each other, it’s time to see if she wants to meet up with her in person.

Arrange A First Date

The point of online hookup platforms is to create a connection between you and the hot single ladies in your area. Once you fix yourself up on a first date, the rest is up to you. Be your calm, cool self, and make sure that your lady has a great night that she’ll remember for a long time. Of course, it’s also important to remember throughout your date that your woman is seeing you tonight for a reason, and that reason is to continue the fun once all the clubs and restaurants close. After date time is over, it’s time to invite her over to your place and get wild together!

Enjoy Your One Night Stand

You’ve worked hard to get to this point (well, not as hard as you would have worked if you were dating offline, but it’s hard work nonetheless), so all that’s left to do now is get rowdy and enjoy your sexy one night stand! Make sure your lady enjoys it as well, since sex is a game that is played by two.

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Dealing With Differences In Casual Relationships: How To Do It Right

enjoy datingCasual Relationships

Hookup Websites For Britons

Are you tired of meeting people who are looking for relationships? Well, you are not the only one. Nowadays, many single people are fed up with the traditional act of dating and want to change up their dating lives. Luckily there are many new hookup websites for Britons who are simply looking to engage in a casual relationship without having to commit to someone. Many of us lead very busy and stressful lives, and all we want to do at the end of the day is have casual sex with no strings attached. Finding hookup websites for Britons has never been so easy and fun, and after making yourself an online dating profile, you will instantly have access to hundreds of local singles who are looking to have one night stands and casual sex. Just imagine being able to put dating on hold, and go straight for the fun part. If this sounds like what you want, then all you need to do is look for hookup websites for Britons and get started right away.

How To Have Casual Sex With Locals

Traditional relationships and casual relationships are two very different things, and learning how to have casual sex with locals can be the difference between being free or taken. If you are done with dating for the time being, but still want to have casual sex with locals, then the best thing for you to do is join an online dating website
and start looking for people around you today. Within a couple days, you will learn how to have casual sex with locals, and you will be amazed at how easy it was for you to meet local singles who felt the exact same way as you. You don’t need to commit to someone in order to be able to have steady sex. Instead, all you need to do is send some messages, make a profile and start going on hot dates.

How To Meet British Singles

Meeting British singles is now as easy as ordering pizza online, all you need to do is make a profile on an online dating website
and start sending out some messages. Before you know it, you will start chatting with some hot and local girls, and you will be well on your way to getting laid. Before online dating, if you were looking to meet British singles, you would literally have to fly to the UK to find some, or walk into a British pub and scope out the scene. Thanks to online dating, meeting British singles is something that you can do from home with little to no effort at all.

Going On Your First Date

If you are going on your first online date, then you might be a little confused on where to take your date. Traditional and casual relationships are two very different things, and this is because traditional dates usually revolve around getting to know each other, while casual dating revolves around having casual sex and one night stands. If you have finally decided to meet someone from the online word, you might feel a little different than if you were going on a real-life date — and the reason behind this is because you are meeting someone to get laid, not to hear about their lives. When going on your first date, you should invite the girl of your choice to a pub or bar near your home or hers. This way, you can have a couple drinks to take the edge off, and then invite them back to your place for another drink and some one-on-one fun.

How To Have A Casual Relationship In Ireland

If you have recently moved to Ireland and are looking to meet some hot new singles, then you will find it very easy to do so. Casual relationships have become one of the most popular types of relationships out there, and this is because not many people have the time or patience to plunge into a longterm relationship, and tend to want to enjoy themselves instead. By using online dating platforms, you will be able to browse through many different profiles and start meeting local singles almost instantly. Before you know it, you will be meeting up with hot and local singles and you will be well on your way to getting laid.