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How Can I Get a Girl’s Number? Tales of Horror from Craigslist

There comes a point in every guy’s online dating searches when they go back to the classic Craigslist classifieds, and scour through the postings to try and find a date. I have done this myself many times, and for whatever reason, I seem to keep trying it with very little success. In fact, worse than no success, I have had some really bad dates that turned out nothing like I expected. Fake girls and catfish are plentiful on Craigslist, and are the leading cause of my broken heart whenever I try delve into the long lists of sex-craved postings. Whenever I wonder “How can I get a girl’s number?”, I seem to be drawn to craigslist to try and find someone. Maybe it is the ease of the scrolling, or the way that people post such forward and sexually demanding things on the site, but I can’t seem to help myself time and time again. That being said, after my last experience on Craigslist, I don’t think I will ever be going back, no matter how horny I get when I am sitting at my computer.

catfishingNot Every Woman is as She Appears

Bad Dates and Catfish

Normally when I am looking for a date online, I am able to sift through the hundreds of postings and profiles and shake out the fake girls. It is usually pretty obvious along the way, particularly when the post suspicious photos or give responses that don’t really make sense. Everyone knows that there are people online who aren’t always exactly as they present themselves. Most of the time this is just women who are using photos of their younger selves, or use a group photo so you are not exactly sure which girl you are talking to. However, occasionally you come across someone who is totally different from everything that they say and reveal about themselves. These are the type of people known as a catfish. Someone who baits you into believing that they are someone else, dragging you along until one day you finally come to the sudden revelation that they are not who they say they are. The motives for this seem to vary, but one thing is certain, it is usually a very nasty surprise that doesn’t go over well with anyone involved. I am not sure why people do this, but whatever their twisted reason is, it came as a real shock to me on my last Craigslist experience.

Fake Girls and a Broken Heart

It all started when I came across a posting on Craigslist that was seeking a guy for casual hook ups and a little bit of fun. Something about the post just spoke to me, and the picture of the ‘woman’ seemed almost too good to be true, but totally believable as well. I even google image searched the photos from the post, and they seemed to come out clean. I sent the poster a message and asked her about what she liked in a guy and told her a bit about myself. She responded quite quickly, and we immediately started chatting to each other about our sexual preferences and our lives in general. We went back and forth a few times, and our conversation eventually escalated to our phones. We exchanged numbers and we talked almost the whole night about everything from movies to music, to past sexual stories and future fantasies. It seemed like everything was clicking in the right places, and I was really excited when she started sending me more photos of herself.

This continued for weeks, and our chats became more and more sexually involved. I felt a really strong connection with this woman, and I eventually began to ask if we could meet. At first, she was resistant. Busy one day, and out of town the next. I started to feel like she was avoiding me, but she always had a convincing reason, and would make promises to make time to meet soon. I followed along with her talks, but I was starting to become annoyed and lose interest in the endless conversation. Eventually, I made an ultimatum of sorts, and she finally agreed to meet. I was happy and went out to make a reservation at a nice restaurant that I know in my neighborhood. The day had finally come, and I arrived early to the restaurant just out of excitement. I sat down, waiting for her to arrive, but time started to tick by and I soon realized that she was running late. It got to the point that I thought she wouldn’t arrive, and that’s when the 250 lb fat guy walked in and sat down on my table, reeking of booze…