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Spot Psychotic Women: Learn To Avoid Meeting Girls That Are Batshit Crazy!

psychotic womenSpot Psychotic Women

If ever there’s one thing our forefathers in Washington told us time and time again, it’s this: always avoid psychotic women. They’re simply not worth the hassle. The sad irony is that many of these psychos out there are actually insanely hot women, with not a hint of blatant craziness on them visually. They’re like the sirens in the old greek mythologies; serene and beautiful on the outside, but they’re really not operating with your best interests in mind. So many of our brothers, sons, and fathers fell under the trap of these crazy women time and time again, mesmerized by their complete beauty. Men who get pulled in by psychotic women can be finding themselves at a nice restaurant on their date, and without warning, the woman spills the pea soup onto the table and attempts to paint a painting of green rolling hills. Or they could be driving in the highway and the woman climbs onto the roof of the car and plays a mean air guitar solo while you speed on by. We sure have fallen into a psychotic woman’s web once or twice in our lives, and we’re determined not to let that happen to anyone else. Especially in the world of online dating websites, where adult hookup forums are such cool and pristine places, we don’t want any male users being tricked by a psychotic woman’s scheme. That’s why we wrote out a few tips on how to avoid psychotic women.

Avoid Psychotic Hot Girls On Free Online Hookups Websites

We know, it’s hard to spot a psychotic girl on free online hookup websites. It might actually be harder to spot them on this medium than it is in any other vehicle of communication out there. They don’t necessarily come labelled with psychotic tags on the website, after all. All we can do is simply go with our best intuition, and stay away from anything that seems too creepy, or too strangely good to be true. If you’re chatting with a woman and she says anything psychotic along the way, either formulate some sort of strike system in your mind, wherein you give her a couple psychotic free passes before being forced to move on, or you can move on to the next, hopefully completely sane woman on your list as soon as she says anything with a single hint of psychosis. It also helps to check out her profile before you even decide to send a message. If the woman seems really hot from her pictures, but she is saying a bunch of psychotic things in her profile description, then her physical attraction might not be worth getting entangled in a psychotic web.

Watch Out For Red Flags On The First Date

All that said, psychotic women can be cunning, and they might be able to hide their craziness through an online chat. If ever a psycho slips by your filter and lands herself on a first date with you, it’s important to keep your eyes peeled for any red flags that pop up along the way. While it’s relatively easy for a psycho to hide her crazy mind in an online chat, the longer you hang out with someone in person, the more likely they will start revealing her true colours. If you’re at at a club, and she clears everyone off the dance floor to perform a robo dance-off between herself and herself, o if you’re just strolling down a park on your date, and she gets on all fours and starts chasing after the dogs, trying to bite their tails, then you know that you’re hanging out with a true psycho, and it’s maybe best to just turn the other way and let her play with the dogs.

Crazy Women Aren’t Worth The One Night Stand

Maybe the psycho passed your filter and made it out on a real date with you. Actually, maybe you already know she’s a psychotic woman, and you’re not really paying attention to it because she’s so hot and you would leave to sleep with her. Well, all we can tell you is that psychos are definitely not worth having a one night stand with. The trouble that will inevitably occur either during or after the one night stand is simply not worth the potential pleasure. Picture that after you’re done with the sex, your hot crazy chick walks to the corner of your room and arranges a tea party with your soccer ball, desk lamp, and pillow? What will you do in that sort of situation? No, it’s definitely best to avoid it entirely, and sleep with a relatively sane woman.