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Telling Your Partner That You Know They Cheated

you knowYou Know They Cheated

So they thought they could get away with having an affair

I started suspecting that my partner was having an affair when he began acting funny. When we first moved in together, it was common for him to finish work early and come home to surprise me, but now it’s almost as if he’s always working overtime. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, but when he started acting even more bizarre, I knew something was up. He started coming home late almost every night and immediately jumping in the shower. This was strange to me because he would usually always come into the bedroom and give me a kiss when he got home late. Another thing that was weird to me was that he didn’t invite me into the shower — which he always used to do. All these clues eventually lead me to believe that he was having an affair.

How you caught them cheating — explained

I knew that my boyfriend was cheating on me for sure the second that I did his laundry. I was emptying out his pockets because he usually has tissues in them when I found a receipt to a fancy restaurant in Sunderland. The date on the receipt was for two nights ago (when he was working late) and it was obvious that it had been a romantic dinner because a bottle of wine had been purchased. Now that I had proof that he was cheating, I needed to find a way that I could tell him, but I was afraid.

What to do about a cheater: Telling them you know

Before engaging in a relationship, you need to know what to do about a cheater, if you should ever be unlucky enough to date one. I knew from a friend that the best way to handle a cheater was to make them think that everything was normal and then pack up their things and wait for them to come home so that you could kick them out. Since cheaters might become violent when provoked, you should let a friend know what you are about to do and have them come over and hide in another room. Telling them you know about the cheating is scary, because it is a confrontation of some sort, but if you make it clear that they need to leave, they usually will.

Cheaters usually get caught

Cheaters usually get caught, and the ones that don’t were either dating someone who didn’t care enough to find out, someone who was cheating themselves, or someone who wasn’t too bright. It is very rare that a cheater will not get caught, so before cheating, get ready to deal with the consequences.

Telling them it’s over

When my boyfriend came home from home late the following day, he came home to me sitting in the couch waiting for him. He immediately looked nervous because he couldn’t hop into the shower right away and smelt like another woman. Once he saw that all of his things had been packed up, he sat down and asked me what was happening. I told him I knew he was cheating, that I would not forgive him, and that he had to go. He tried to argue with me for a while, saying I had no proof, but then I showed him the restaurant receipt, and he stopped talking.