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5 Tips To Not Get Caught Cheating

hide cheatingHow To Hide Cheating

Need to hide your cheating?

Some people are just cheaters at heart, and cannot for the life of them commit to a monogamous relationship. If this is you, you should really try dating men and women who enjoy having open relationships. This way, no one gets hurt and you don’t need to sneak around on someone who loves you. If you’re dating someone you love but cannot stop cheating on them, you’re probably looking for some ways to hide your cheating, and although honesty is always recommended, some people just cannot find pleasure in an honest relationship and need some tips on how to keep their cheating a secret.

Every action has its consequence

When I was cheating on my partner, the last thing I wanted was for her to find out. But every once in awhile she would look at me suspiciously and I would think that she knew what was going on. What I learned while cheating is that every action has a consequence when playing the cheating game. First of all, if you come home late at night you need to have a good alibi and you need to be able to prove that you were actually where you say you were. If you slept with someone else, be prepared to smell like someone else, and for this reason alone it is important to never go home directly after cheating. If you told her that you were going to see the guys in Chicago, actually go see them, just go cheat on her before. So if your girlfriend is suspicious and doesn’t believe that you were with your friends, show her some pictures of your night.

Get prepared to live a lie

Being a cheater means being a liar, so if you’re going to go down this path, you need to be ready to start living a lie. What I mean by this is that you’re going to have to have such an amazing memory in order to pull off cheating. If you told your girlfriend that you were working late last week, and then you slip up and say you were with your friends or at a meeting, she is going to start getting suspicious. Find out about common cheating signs to know how to avoid them.

Hiding your nymphomaniac tendencies

A lot of cheaters are actually just nymphomaniacs but don’t know it yet. If your sex drive is off the charts and you feel the need to sleep with every attractive person you see, you might need some help. A lot of women know that their boyfriends are cheating because they stop acting horny. But if you’re always horny and this is why you’re cheating, you might have some nymphomaniac tendencies.

Don’t be greedy, be discreet

The most important rule to dating while cheating is to never get greedy. A lot of people end up getting caught for stealing or robbery because they get money-hungry and keep hitting up the same stores in their area. To be successful at cheating, you should stop being greedy and start being discreet. You don’t need to cheat on your girlfriend every day, week, or month. In fact, if you do it moderately she might never even find out. If you start getting greedy and ‘working late’ every night, it’s only a matter of time before she gets suspicious, shows up at your work, and finds out you’re not really there.